Why stepping outside my comfort zone & taking risks is important.

Written by Natalie Doyle

May 25, 2023

Natalie Doyle standing on a football terrace

My favourite thing about running my own business is being in control of what I’m working on and controlling my time (within reason!)  Obviously, there are things that are outside of my control but generally I’m fortunate to be able to choose the projects I work on and the direction I want to take the business. 

The downside of having this much control is that it’s very easy to stay within your comfort zone. If no-one is nudging you to take on additional responsibilities or challenge yourself then you can find yourself in a very comfortable, safe space.  I’ve been reflecting on this recently.  I’m a person that needs new challenges to keep me motivated.  This is perfect for the nature of the work of Sport Sister – working on multiple different projects for multiple different clients gives me great variety. But I try to really stretch myself out of my comfort zone with the other elements of the business.  The podcast, for example, was something I knew very little about before I started it.  The little butterflies I get before recording tell me that I’m taking a step outside of my comfort zone, and I love it!

So I keep pushing myself forward – we have a new website being built as we speak to better showcase the work that we do, we’ve just started working with a new and exciting client, we have plans for the Sport Sister Foundation, and we’re developing new partnerships with other organisations.  I saw a quote the other day from Steven Bartlett where he said ‘Taking no risks will end up being your biggest risk’.  As someone who likes taking risks, this resonated with me.  Some things work out and some things don’t, but I feel that being willing to step outside of my comfort zone and take risks is one of my biggest strengths.  

So why not challenge yourself to do something that gives you butterflies?  Step outside of your comfort zone and take a risk.  If I hadn’t done it then Sport Sister wouldn’t exist! 

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