What does our dream client look like?.

Written by Natalie Doyle

November 17, 2023

A neon sign of a handshake demonstrating working together

At the moment we’re managing a project for a client and it is always a dream to work with them. So what does a dream client look like for Sport Sister? Let me outline the five key things that make this client so great!

  1. A clear brief. When we were approached about managing this project, we had a call with some key members of staff and they outlined very clearly the timescales, deliverables and scope of the project. We were picking the project up from a staff member who was leaving the organisation and they left us lots of detailed handover notes so we knew exactly where the project was and who was responsible for each key area.
  2. Excellent communication. We have a catch up with the client every two weeks on Zoom, but are speaking via email regularly. Each time we catch up, both sides know what their key actions and priorities are for the next two weeks and we crack on to get them done!
  3. A subject we’re passionate about. We have a very clear mission at Sport Sister – to help organisations grow female participation in sport. We feel passionate about this cause, and the project we’re working on for this client is having a huge impact on this objective. Clearly, if you are passionate about the project, you want to work on it and make it a success.
  4. A positive working relationship. There is always a relaxed feeling to our conversations, everyone works hard to make things happen across the organisation, people are happy to help and discussions always feel constructive.
  5. Great people. There are a number of people, both inside and outside of the organisation, that are supporting the project and we know we can rely on all of them to keep things moving forward. Everyone understands their role and communicates their progress so we can keep our project plan updated and know things are on track.

We’re very fortunate to work with some amazing clients, and I love the work that we do. If you want to be our next amazing client and you have a project you need help with then get in touch.

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