The unique blend Sport Sister brings to a project.

Written by Natalie Doyle

July 7, 2023

A group of tennis players with their hands in together

The other day I had a chat with one of our clients, and they talked to me about why they wanted us involved in a particular project.  It made me realise that Sport Sister brings something truly unique to a project.  So what is it?

  1. An in-depth understanding of the challenges of grassroots sport.  We have a range of people that support our projects, all with extensive experience of supporting grassroots sport, within clubs and schools.  We understand the challenges and we know possible solutions.
  2. Experience developing women’s and girls’ participation in multiple sports.  A lot of our work has been with football, but we now also work in cricket and other sports, and the people who work on our projects have experience across a multitude of sports.  A lot of the challenges are very similar!  We can share learning from other sports to help drive women’s sport forward.
  3. A strong network across the sporting landscape. Over 20 years of working in the sports industry means we have contacts across sport that we can utilise to help clients achieve their objectives for female participation in sport.
  4. A proven track record in delivering projects of any size and scale. Don’t just take our word for it on this one though!  We have lots of lovely testimonials from our clients dotted around the website, plus case studies to give examples of some of our projects.
  5. A collaborative approach to our projects.  We love working with new clients and other organisations. We have various other consultants and businesses that support our work to bring together an exciting blend of expertise for any project.

It’s an exciting combination!  When you combine these five key areas, it’s clear that Sport Sister can provide a blend of skills, experience and expertise that can’t be found anywhere else.  Do you have a project we can support?  Get in touch and tell us all about it.

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