Need players or sponsorship? You need to raise your club profile.

Written by Natalie Doyle

November 24, 2021

A neon sign saying 'Go up and never stop'

There are many reasons why it’s worth investing time in raising the profile of your club.  It can help you look more appealing to potential sponsors or funding partners, and it helps with player and volunteer recruitment by increasing your standing in your local community.

In this month’s blog we’re going to look at some key tactics you can use to help raise the profile of your club.  Some of them require more time and effort, but some are really simple ways to boost your profile.

1. Utilise social media.  Social media provides a great opportunity to raise your club’s profile.  Running your club’s social media channels can be a great volunteering opportunity as well – you can even split it between multiple people.  Decide which social media channels you think will have the best outcomes for your club and then make an effort to post on those channels regularly.  You could post updates around match days, advertise upcoming social events, or even show some ‘behind the scenes’ content around the running of the club.  Follow other clubs to get content ideas and use hashtags to reach your target audience.  If you have a Facebook page, why not mention it in your local Facebook group so local residents know about your page?

2. Make contact with local news outlets. Try and make contact with your local newspaper or radio station. They might be looking for local news stories.  Try and think of anything that might grab local interest – perhaps you have a fundraising event coming up, or a big match or maybe an international player started their journey at your club?  Bring these into your conversations with local news outlets to get their attention.  You could also get a good news story if you…

3. Apply for awards.  There are a lot of awards ceremonies in the world of sport, and not just at elite level!  Local Authorities, Active Partnerships, County Football Associations, National Governing Bodies of Sport – many of these run annual award ceremonies and will welcome nominations from clubs.  You can often nominate your club, or specific volunteers within your club, so shout about the brilliant things you are doing at your club or the fantastic volunteers you have.  You never know you might be stepping up to make an acceptance speech at a fancy awards ceremony, and raising the profile of your club in the process!

4. Partner with local businesses.  The more local businesses you can build relationships with, the better. You never know what might come of it. If you’re taking your car in to a local garage for its MOT, or going to the local hairdressers for a haircut, talk to them about your club and what you provide for the local community. They might be able to put up a poster for you, give out flyers, or help spread the word on social media.  Try and get these local businesses to be your advocates.  They might even be potential sponsors!

5. Talk about your club. Networking is a word that many people dread but it can be a great way of raising the profile of your club.  Your local Active Partnership or County Football Association (depending on your sport) will probably run various training events throughout the season and it can be a great way to meet other clubs, form partnerships and spread the word about what you’re doing.  It doesn’t always need to be the same person from the club attending so if you see events coming up then send the details to all your volunteers. They can then pick the events that are most linked to their interests. It also helps your volunteers feel more invested in your goal to raise the profile of your club.

Hopefully these tips will give you something to think about.  Some of the tips require more work than others but that’s where it becomes really important to spread the load between your volunteers (see our previous blog on volunteers for more tips with this!)

Good luck!

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