My highlights from Season 2 of the Sport Sister Podcast.

Written by Natalie Doyle

November 24, 2023

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This year has been a busy one! It’s been great in lots of ways – exciting projects to work on, moving house, regular free content provided to the Sport Sister audience. The only part I’m a little disappointed about is that I’ve only managed to squeeze in one season of the Sport Sister Podcast. My plan at the start of the year was to release two seasons but I haven’t found the time to do it. So as I prepare for Season 3 coming out in 2024, I thought I’d use this week’s blog to look at some of my favourite moments from Season 2.

  1. The importance of sport for girls. This was such an interesting discussion, bringing together experiences across two different sports – tennis and football. Linda and Catherine spoke really well about the importance of sport in developing confidence, self-esteem, resilience and a sense of belonging. Alongside this, they had some excellent advice on using sport to develop leadership skills and the importance of role models. We covered a lot of topics in this episode!
  2. Opportunities for female players with disabilities. This was a bit of a different episode, because it looked at the added complexity for sports participants who aren’t only female, they also have a disability, and how that can even further impact the opportunities they can access. We were joined by two women very experienced in the world of disability sport, and Jules and Emma had such an interesting discussion, covering topics including the impact of the Covid pandemic, working with support workers, challenges with travel and costs. I thought about this episode a lot after we recorded it, and I learnt a lot.
  3. Raising your profile. Way back at the start of Season 2, we kicked things off with an episode on raising the profile of your club or organisation. I welcomed Leigh Willis and Charlotte Richardson to discuss this with me and they brought a huge variety of experience across football and lots of great advice. I loved hearing Leigh talk about the journey he’d been on with his club from first starting a girls’ section to being one of the largest clubs in the country in terms of girls’ teams. Charlotte brought her professional expertise and experience to give us lots of quick wins that could have a big impact. This episode was packed full of tips and advice that is really easy to implement.
  4. Creating the right environment for girls. The first thing that Ella-Rose said in this episode was the importance of pointing out that there is no one right environment for girls in sport. Alongside Bethan from the FAW, they might be working with players in completely different environments and circumstances, trying to provide quality sporting experiences. We discussed the additional challenges for teenage girls, the importance of striving for a complete pathway for girls, and building a network in your local area. There’s a lot of variety in this episode and some really detailed insight from my two guests.

And those are just half of the episodes of Season 2! I could easily have provided a highlight from every episode because I had some really knowledgeable guests join me. What was your favourite moment from Season 2? Rest assured, we will be getting two Seasons out to you in 2024 so if you have any ideas for guests or topics then please get in touch.

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