Get to know Sport Sister & what we’re all about.

Sport Sister was established in 2021 to help organisations grow female participation in sport.

We use our expertise in women’s and girls’ sports participation to provide project management and consultancy support to our clients, who include The Football Association and the Youth Sport Trust.

We ringfence a percentage of our profits to fund development grants for community sports clubs, to support them with addressing inequality in sport and providing opportunities for women and girls.

Working with Sport Sister was a fantastic opportunity for us as a league to be able to gain insight that will ultimately help us to grow and develop over the coming years.

The approach used when engaging with our club was great and meant that some very honest and useful conversations could take place.

Communication was fantastic, clear deadlines were set and met and our overall aims and objectives were met

Lisa Morton-Smith, National Cerebral Palsy
League Chairperson

About Natalie Doyle…

Hi, I’m Natalie, Founder of Sport Sister

I have worked in sport for nearly 20 years, most recently for The Football Association. I have volunteered in a number of roles in women’s sport and am passionate about helping women and girls have access to any sport they choose.

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been interested and passionate about sport. Growing up as a huge football fan, I didn’t have the opportunity to play at school until I was 15, and then there were no local clubs for girls to play outside of school.

The growth of women’s sport in the past few years has been really exciting to see, and it’s been a joy to be part of. I hope my two sons grow up in a world where they see women’s sport as ‘the norm’ and that young girls can pursue the active, healthy life they choose.

Pictures of Natalie playing football and tennis as a child

“Growing up as a huge football fan, I didn’t have the opportunity to play at school until I was 15”